Carleen Roberts - Founder

It Started With A Dream!

My Wife Can’t Cook Was birthed during a difficult time in our nation. Everything was shut down, stores were closed, and many people were forced to stay home. As a wife who couldn’t cook, I had no choice but to learn. Restaurants were closed and I had to learn how to properly prepare meals for my family every day. This was scary for me because for years I could not cook. I am still learning and still feel slightly uncomfortable when in the kitchen. I still make many mistakes. With tears in my eyes, fear on my heels, and failure on my mind, but God on my side,  I pushed and began my cooking journey. I was afraid, I was fearful, and Uneasy, but I started. My decision to start changed my life and it began to change others. 
We now have a cooking show “My Wife Can’t Cook”. We have a  Facebook Private Group and every Thursday my husband and I go LIVE to teach other Wives and Husbands who cannot cook. My husband is a better cook than me so he does most of the directing. We also provide an encouraging word, through the art of cooking, with our “Night Cap” four days per week. We also have our own channel on Roku TV and Amazon TV. We also have our own Spice Line. 
 My Wife Can’t Cook has truly become a community of people who are willing to help
One another in their journeys. We have fed families, helped families in TX during their difficult time, and provided toys to children during the holidays. The journey is not always about us, but helping other people. 
Although cooking is not one of my strengths encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting others is.  I am looking forward to what’s to come and enjoying the My Wife Cant Cook Journey. 
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